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Electricity 101

Emergency electricity

In the event of a power failure, you will need to have a portable generator. When choosing one keep in mind what needs to be powered (the refrigerator, a few lights, a radio). A portable generator is used where the device requiring electricity is plugged directly into the generator’s power outlets using an extension cord. Generators are available fueled by gasoline, diesel, and propane. Keep in mind that the use of a generator is a short- term solution due to the amount of gasoline or other fuel you can safely store.
NOTE: Generators emit deadly carbon monoxide and so should be placed outside the house where there is sufficient ventilation.
Electricity can also be generated using alternative sources like wind energy or water energy. However, the most efficient source of alternative energy is generated from solar power. Solar electricity is generated when the sun shines on solar (Photovoltaic) panels. Solar panels range in size and power capability from a very small panel, capable of charging a couple of AA size batteries or powering a small radio - to larger panels that could power several essential appliances.
Another approach to using solar power is to equip yourself with a number of essential appliances (radio, lighting, etc.) with their own built-in solar panels.